Thursday, February 23, 2006

Environmentalism… Another Perspective…Final Instalment.

Final Instalment Of 'Drugs On Tap...'

First I must apologise for the lateness of the final Part of this Article!

There have been many bugs, coughs, colds and viruses about, unfortunately my husband has been quite unwell, but he’s on the mend now!

The Article is called 'Drugs on Tap' and has been researched very thoroughly with References from:

Dr. Sherrill Sellmans’ continued investigation of the effects the water coming from our taps has on the Environment and ourselves.

Remember we drink it, bathe in it and cook with it...

Where Do We Go From Here?

The problem of Pharmaceutical and personal care pollutants has been clearly identified; the tricky part is what to do about it.
One obvious action would be to choose non-toxic alternatives. Choosing natural therapies replaces the dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.

Also find your political voice on a local and national level as well as supporting environmental organisations.
One practical solution to the flush problem would be a pharmaceutical take-back programme – like those implemented in several European countries, Australia and Canada.

What About Water Sewage Plants?

It is a well established fact that conventional sewage treatment technologies do not completely remove drug and chemical residues. While other methods, such as activated carbon filtration or treatment with ultraviolet light, could effectively remove PPCP’s, they are costly approaches.
So if we can’t rely on the municipal water treatment systems, it’s really up to each person to find their own solutions. It is not advisable to drink tap water, for example – a much healthier choice would be a reputable brand of bottled spring water.

The most effective water purification system for removing PPCP’s is an activated carbon filtration system.
Investing in a high quality whole-house water system using an activated carbon filtration method which purifies all the water used in your home for drinking, bathing and washing, would be your best line of defence, if your budget can manage it. At the very least, use an activated carbon water system for all your drinking water.
If at all possible, it would be well worth investing in a water filter system for your kitchen tap, especially one that incorporates an activated carbon filter such as reverse osmosis.
The day may come when Pharmaceutical companies will take responsibility for the life cycle of their products; when the environmental protection agency and Food and Drug Administration will enact protective regulations for PPCP’s; and new sewage treatment technologies will be developed that safely remove PPCP’s. But for right now, it seems that we’re on our own.

In a world of connectedness, we are again painfully reminded that nothing we do remains in isolation. Our most ordinary choices, in this case the drugs we ingest and the personal care products we use, may have lifelong consequences not just for us but also for all the unsuspecting people and wildlife living downstream.

Remember, everyone lives downstream from someone...

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