Thursday, December 22, 2005

Working With EFT And Children...

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick post to let you know, Native Remedies has extended their Free Shipping Offer to the 31st of December 2005!!!

So If you use Natural Remedies, check out their selection to benefit from the offer of Free Shipping, plus buy two items and get one Free offer.

Also be kind to your beloved pets by visiting Pet Alive to see what great Natural Remedies they have available.

And please take a look at my New Site where you'll learn how to apply EFT, and interesting in-depth information about Gary Craig the founder.

Meanwhile, EFT is safe and simple to use with your Children, to learn more specific information about working with Children and EFT visit here.

Solve that Bed-Wetting Problem, Teenage Angst, ADHD, Fears & Allergies, Stammering/Stuttering, Night Terrors, Learning Disabilities, Bullimia/Anorexia and much more.

Bright Blessings And A Prosperous New Year To You All....


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