Monday, November 21, 2005

FDA Taking A closer Look At Anti-Influenza Drug Tamiflu

Hi Everyone.

Whilst working my way through my e-mails today I came across a very interesting article by Dr. Ben Kim about the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu.

Before you all go rushing out to get your flu vacination, please take the time to view this article. Though the flu vacination that is being distributed at present, isn't 'Tamiflu', it pays to be aware of the possible side affects you can get with these vacines.

Remember vacines are not natural to our bodies, if you have an immune deficiency it is much more advantagous to eat healthily, have plenty of restful sleep and take a good supplement (such as Nature's Best Greens).
Check out the link above to view the article, as always I am interested in you comments.

Bright Blessings.


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