Thursday, October 06, 2005

Organic Food Supplier delivering in the London Area

Hi Everyone.
This week has been pretty hectic again, along with the car breaking down (which we've only just got back after 3 weeks)! The dishwasher, washing machine & the central heating ALL decided to go wrong.
To cap it all off, my husband Nic picked up a pretty nasty cold and being Asthmatic, it went straight to his chest, so back to A&E we went!
EFT wasn't gonna touch that baby!... So along with all the other stress, (although I do believe that was a contributing factor to the chest infection!) I feel absolutely washed out myself!
Therefore this is going to be quite a short post as I've decided it's early to bed tonight!
So, I just wanted to let you know about an Organic Food Delivery Service I found on the web, if you live in the London Area then you can get your order delivered on a regular basis if you request, straight to your door.
The website is full of information about Organic Food Suppliers in the U.K I myself do not live in the London Area, so I'm unable to benefit from the delivery service, however I found relevant information for the area I do live in which has been a great help to me.
Check out the website at there are many other links of interest on there too!
Until my next post, stay healthy and take care of your bodies... It's time to start topping up with good quality supplements for the winter. I use Nature's Best Greens which you can find here, though living in the U.K I did find the delivery time about 4 weeks, they are well worth the wait and Dr. Ben Kim was very helpful in keeping me informed of my order progress.
If you are interested in Healthy Living then you can sign up to his very informative Newsletters which I look forward to receiving myself, as he doesn't bombard your inbox every day like some do.
Until my next post stay healthy,
Bright Blessings to All x


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