Thursday, October 27, 2005

EFT and Fertility.

Hi everyone…

It’d like to add a little more information regarding my previous post about Fertility, here is a link to an article called:

“Knocking down the negative walls to let the garden grow – a tale of fertility”

This article shows how a Hypnotherapist called Christina Elvin from England expertly combines EFT with hypnotherapy to help a couple with fertility issues, to produce a full term pregnancy for her client.

Please note the attention to beliefs and other limiting mental issues that were providing "fertility barriers" in this case.

It is a very warm story which helps to explain the workings behind EFT and how “disruptions in the energy system are created by negative emotions”.

These disruptions are what create physical dis-ease which can be cleared by tapping on the meridian points explained in the FREE downloadable EFT manual here, whilst reciting your chosen affirmations.

Check it out and give it a whirl and I promise you’ll be AMAZED!!!

Until my next post I wish Bright Blessings and Good Health to you all.


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