Thursday, September 08, 2005

EFT and Dave's Fear Of Heights...

Quote for the day:

"If you think you will fail at anything, you surely will".

A very good friend of mine called Dave, is happy to share with you the following story about his experience with EFT:

"For years, I have had a phobia with heights. Just the mere thought of being on a tall building or even climbing a ladder would fill me with dread.

My partner and I are regular visitors to the wonderful city of Paris, and until now I have reluctantly endured trips to the Eiffel Tower, one of the “must do” attractions.
On the occasions I have been up the Tower I have always been overcome by my fear of heights.

As soon as I would start to queue for tickets, I would mentally start to feel fear. This fear would worsen once in the lift and as soon as I stepped out onto the second stage I would be completely overcome.
I would be short of breath, my face would take on an ashen hue and my legs would turn to the proverbial jelly.
As soon as I stepped out of the lift I would have to sit down and “compose” myself before going further, and even then I would remain in the centre, staying away from the edges.
Imagine how I would react when going all the way to the top ! Needless to say, my view of Paris was always at its best from street level.

Having been introduced to Emotional Freedom Therapy by Christina, I decided to “give it a go” prior to my next visit to Paris. I followed the manual as per Gary Craig’s instructions and tapped away whilst reciting my affirmations about fear of heights. I did this just the once.

I looked at myself afterwards – I was no different physically and certainly felt as if nothing had occurred to my benefit. Then I happened to look up at a very tall radio mast and the first thought that ran through my head…………I could climb that !!

Hang on – maybe things were starting to change; whereas the mere thought of anything tall would initiate my phobia before, now those thoughts weren’t an issue with me. Maybe there is something to this EFT.

I have recently returned from a weekend in Paris, and you’ve guessed it…………
I had to go to the Eiffel Tower and see if EFT really did work?

As I approached the Tower, mentally my level was at zero. I couldn’t wait to get in that lift. I got out at stage 2 and boarded the next lift straight to the top.
Out I got and went straight to the edge!

My level was at 1, certainly no more. I could stand by the edge and look up, down and around. Wow – what a view !
I now realised what I had been missing all those previous years.
20 minutes I remained at the top, happily walking around and taking in the views of Paris.

I then went down to the 2nd stage and did exactly the same. On the 2nd stage my level was zero. I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t realise just how long I had been up there and it was only after 45 minutes that the friend I was with decided a beer was in order to celebrate.

This friend had been with me on previous occasions and couldn’t believe the change in me. I let him in on the secret of my success……EFT".

For such a seemingly simple technique, EFT works.
I should know, it worked for me.

Dave Gorbutt (UK)
Civil Servant.

Wow... I was so pleased that Dave was able to visit the Eiffel Tower and enjoy it's splendour. If you would like to take a look at Gary Craig's testimonials on his site and download the FREE manual, visit
Once you see that EFT can work for you to, you'll be itching to view his training DVD's...
Until my next post, stay Healthy and Bright Blessings.


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